Our Company

Born in 1966 from a local Artisan shop, thanks to passion and great sacrifices, combined with thoughness and big courage, over the years it has been transformed into a modern reality and it assert itself as an excellence in the world of picture frames and Fine Arts.

Year after year, our purpose has been to optimize our technicians’ design and to specialize in artistic furniture, becoming today an industry excellence and a reference point, improving everyday the ability to fulfill any industrial or artisan requirement concerning paintings, frames, mirrors, colors and furnishing accessories.
The creation of each single product still takes place following the rules of ancient tradition: each item is, in fact, entirely hand-made in our laboratory, as the result of our meticolous and almost maniacal attention to details.

What’s new - Because of the sudden change of market dynamics and logics, Milord has not been outdone and it has recently expanded its services.
We developed a digital configurator that allows each user to customize and to create directly on his screen a preview of the artwork he has selected, trying to convey all our expertise and skill even in a scenario always richer of digital alternatives.

In addition, we included a new section dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artworks, designed for anyone interested in promoting his artworks by relying on a qualified team who will select new talents and improve the digital profile of multi-year professionals by creating a complete archive where to find information, collections and online exhibitions related to each artist.

We export our products and our creative heritage all over Europe and the world, acquiring from year to year a general recognition of reliability, professionalism and proficiency within the intricate and fascinating industry of Fine Arts.

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